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Video: Nicole Pérez

Made in London



Meat the Future


Made in London in collaboration with

Tamara Hoogeweegen and Margaux Hendriksen.


S³ - Sisal swallows sound

The S³ acoustic absorber for open space ateliers and offices

Attached to the ceiling and adjustable in height, this hood offers a novel sense of space and yet a room-in-room solution. The inside swallows the noise caused by the person sitting under the hood by dint of its 3D surface and the porous material on the outside keeps disturbing noises away. S³ has an integrated light that invites to work, study or to have a conversation underneath it. The 3D patterns where inspired by Mexican folklore embroideries and the used material is the natural fibre sisal. Originating in Mexico, the fibres of the Agave sisalana in a new surrounding awake emotions.



Research S³


The design project covers all aspects of the interaction between two cultures, resulting in a new and extraordinary product benefiting both sides equally. It generates work for the Mexican people and silence in co-working spaces. Sisal Hacienda Yucatan, Mexico 2014



Material studies for S³


The idea was to explore the “unknown” material to create new distinct and emotionally touching surfaces. Experiments with sisal yarn, sisal fibers  and sisal textiles in combination with innovative manufacturing processes allowed Nicole to create various 3D bodies. That and the characteristic properties of the material led her to design an acoustic absorber. It is a creative and healthier solution to the former acoustic absorbers made out of glass fibers.



Made in Switzerland





Business Bag

Made in Switzerland in collaboration with Wogg



Photos: Nicole Pérez & Rosie Ellis

Made in Finland

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